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STORY: Tribute to Uniqueness! Here at DASAM DWAR we are starting own mathematical equation. Keeping in mind period of Renaissance. Our windbreaker “GENESIS" explains division equation. With the power of chisel and hammer, creation of “David” can be made from rocks.
USE: Breeze/Windy weather, Fall 
COLOR MATCH: Blue/Red/Yellow/White

FABRIC:Graphics printed on 100 % Nylon Jacket
CARE: Wash cold and tumble dry. Dry Clean for longevity or Nylon/Leather 
PROMISE: Your satisfaction is our "Reward" 100% Money back guaranteed

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Wednesday Aug 6 2014
Let's Choose Perfect Windbreaker Fabric in latest fashion:

Before I start my discussion with all of you, Let me introduce mens fashion windbreaker from Dasam Dwar apparel - GENESIS

Last Sunday - 3rd August was Friendship Day and this windbreaker gifted to me by my loving college friend. I feel happy with it.

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A windbreaker is a thin outer shell that is designed to resist wind chill and light drizzles of rain. Some mistake windbreakers with raincoats but a windbreaker is really a lightweight raincoat.

A Windbreaker's main function is to shield the user from water, mud and wind rather than to insulate. Don't expect windbreakers to be effective in keeping you warm. The material used is usually that of polyester or nylon or a combination of both.

Some tips that will help you in choosing the right windbreaker for yourself:

• Know the trend: Before going out to buy it, it is a better option to skim through the latest fashion magazines to know what the latest trends are. This will also give you an idea about the prices, features, and styles which will be available in the market. You can get an idea about what you want to buy.

• Keep it simple: You would find many types of windbreakers with numerous decorations such as henna pattern on it. Some will have a lot of zips or pockets, whereas some will have dangling chains and other accessories. They will look stylish, but it's better to buy the simplest one, besides two pockets with a single zipper are more than enough.

• Long sleeves are better: It will be better that the sleeves are longer than your arms, so that they can be pulled over your hands. This will protect your hands from cold winds during working or anything else.

Another useful and attractive design comes with several pockets. Its front pockets are big enough to carry a mobile phone, camera, water bottle, binoculars, or other emergency equipment and food. By wearing a vest, your customer can keep their arms light and free.

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